decada de los 70

In 1968, after 5 years of working at first with the Cement Industry (Cementos Diamante in Apulo and Buenos Aires) and then with the equipment industry for material handling (Rapiscol), my brother , Guillermo Londoño, and I decided to form a company to offer our services to the industry, mainly related to our personal experience. The Manager of the newly founded Engineering Company was Guillermo Londoño..

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The Company began work with clients such as plant a de Soda (Cartagena and Zipaquira) American Pipe (in building Tibito II), Cementos Diamante (conversion to coal and Cement packing redesign) Cementos Samper, Cementos Boyaca and some minor (designs of aggregates plants and crushing systems optimization).

For a company selling just 50,000 dollars per year, to grow 100% year to year was not always the biggest challenge but it was still not easy. Already after the first 10 years, the interests of the partners were moving away and the first change of direction came.

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decada de los 80

Hernando LondooI ( Hernando (Hernando Londoño) took the Presidency and routed the Company in a more specialized way related to my experience, very fortunately the customers were increasing and contracts growing in size. That was how the HL Ingenieros SA now everyone knows was given the post system assembly that Adpostal had contracted with G.E. England, (sophisticated management of packages and parcels system), the engineering and assembly of the plant Bienestarina ICBF that AID donated to Colombia (handling and storage of materials) and following the very successful interventions in Cementos Diamante we were awarded in consortium with Camacho Carrizosa and Ferro and Zuleta Holguin the total technical and contractual auditing of the latest Cement Plant built in Colombia to that date.

decada de los 90

Marco Arturo MuozTo execute this contract the Company was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Marco Arturo Muñoz who is and has been an integral part of the good development of HL Ingenieros SA Naturally the auditing of such an important and visible project and the good relationship with Cementos Diamante soon produced one of the most important contracts in our development: The project management, the manufacturing of equipment and structures, the mechanical and electrical assembly of a complete line of cement for Cementos Del Norte in Cucuta.

Parallel to these commercial successes HL Ingenieros S. A. linked the Muñoz family to the company. Naturally a new and complete line for the Company was an invaluable promoter of business performance but also a great promoter of its internal organization, where Marco Arturo Muñoz was having more participation.

As we were already equipped with the technical capacity and administrative vision of Marco Arturo Muñoz, contracts continued to grow. There came electrostatic filters of Cucuta, those of Buenos Aires in Tolima, Bucaramanga and the definitive takeoff of the company to other leagues. The country's largest plant, complete with the latest technology, Carcolito I.

historia 10Once Caralolito was finished and thanks to the enormous commercial success of this plant Cementos Diamante began without much interruption Caracolito II. A plan to transfer control to whom by age and preparation we felt could do it flawlessly began.

Therefore in 1999 and for the second time HL Ingenieros S. A., changed its Head. I think the success of these decisions materialized in projects size, in less dependence on Colombia, in a stronger management structure; organized and in continuity insurance so that you all could continue to grow in your life plans.

Then came Cement Plants from Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, the works in Peru and Venezuela, the works in the mining sector in Colombia as Drummond and Glencor, brewers, producers of air gases and many other projects that eventually led into a company that has sold 2,000 times what perhaps was made in the first year and with projects as important as redoing the largest cement plant in the country with the largest private contract in Colombian history.


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As life goes by, the country keeps changing, the directives are aging and we are again faced with new challenges. Strengthen the workflow to ensure long term plans. Search for alliances that strengthen our financial position that allows us to participate in more consistent contracts with our size.

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Again, and for a third time, tending towards the company continuing its direction for the good and safety of all of us. In 2012, Camilo Munoz Mosquera is named President, leading the transformation of the company into three strategic growth routers: Efficiency and operational efficacy, diversification and safety excellence. Camilo Muoz

A change which was reinforced in 2014 with an innovative positioning strategy based on the orientation of the three routers to sustainable development. This transformation has been possible thanks to the huge investment effort, a firm commitment to innovation and to social commitment as a creator of quality employment.



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